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This Week in Forward Arts and Culture

  • A.J. Goldmann appreciates Wanda Landowska, the 20th-century champion of the harpsichord.

  • Micah Kelber profiles Jeffrey Yohalem, winner of head writer award from the Writers Guild of America for “Assassin’s Creed.”

  • Laura Hodes reviews Joseph Skibell’s “A Curable Romantic,” which was shortlisted for the Rohr Prize.

  • Philologos lives like God in Odessa.

  • Raphael Mostel goes to hear the Dallas Symphony Orchestra perform Steven Stucky’s “August 4, 1964” at Carnegie Hall.

  • Jay Michaelson tries to find a contemporary form of theodicy.

  • And in this week’s Yid Lit podcast, Allison Gaudet Yarrow talks to Haley Tanner about her debut novel, “Vaclav & Lena.”

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This Week in Forward Arts and Culture

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