Eliyahu Federman

Why This Jew Stands With Christians on Christmas

Eliyahu Federman is not literally celebrating Christmas. But he does celebrate the fact that Christians are proudly observing their traditions amid relentless persecution.

Judge Posner Overstepped Bounds in Chabad Drinking Case

In his ruling on underage drinking at Chabad, Judge Richard Posner cited articles on Jewish law. Eliyahu Federman says that was totally inappropriate.

How Not To Write About Hasids Buying Weed

A newspaper story about Hasids nabbed in a marijuana bust repeatedly points to the men’s religion. Eliyahu Federman asks why, since their faith has nothing to do with the alleged crime.

Gaza War Leaves Broken Friendships in Wake

If Hollywood and television are a microcosm of the real world, the Gaza war has spread beyond the Middle East. It’s destroyed countless friendships and relationships.

Don't Reward Hamas for Israeli Soldier's Body

If Hamas has the body of an Israeli soldier, they will likely demand the release of Palestinian prisoners in exchange for it. Eliyahu Federman explains why Israel should say no.

Denmark's Kosher Ban Hypocrisy

Denmark professes to be standing up for animal rights by banning kosher slaughter. So why does it allow hunting and inhumane fur production?

In Menachem Stark Slay, Where's the Humanity?

Menachem Stark was kidnapped and brutally murdered. The Hasidic real estate man may have had enemies — but Jewish humor and stereotypes have no place in the tragedy.

It's a Christmas Tree, Stupid

Naming a Christmas tree a ‘holiday’ tree or Hanukkah bush should be offensive to both the religious and secularist or atheist. It is deceptive — and just plain stupid.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs sits with Chabad?s Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky.

Tall (Reform) Rabbi in Sea of Black Hats

If the Reform president and Chabad can connect as one people, who knows: Maybe there’s hope for other denominations of Judaism to bridge their differences.

Thanksgivukkah's Shared Dirty Secret

Both Thankgiving and Hanukkah celebrate freedom from religious persecution. But we shouldn’t overlook the dark side of both holidays, Eliyahu Federman writes.