Jason Alexander Re-Records Epic 'Seinfeld' Voicemail for Kat Dennings

At some point or another — for better or for worse — we’ve all felt like George Costanza.

Native American Actors Walk Off Set of Adam Sandler Movie

Adam Sandler’s career is continuing in its downward spiral.

Holocaust Survivor Donates Art Worth $500M to Chicago Museum

The largest art gift in the history of the Art Institute of Chicago has been donated to the museum by Stefan Edlis, a Vienna-born Jewish industrialist and art collector, and his wife Gael Neeson.

Mila Kunis Gets Sued for Stealing a Chicken in Ukraine 25 Years Ago

Once in a blue moon, there comes a celebrity story so perfect in its absurdity that it feels like a gift from TMZ heaven. The epic tale of Mila Kunis and the mystery of the 25-year-old Ukrainian chicken theft falls into that category.

Inside Iris Apfel's (Many) Closets

Age, fashion and wisdom fuel the late great filmmaker Albert Maysles’ documentary, “Iris,” a loving homage to Iris Apfel, the inimitable 94-year-old empress of style and chutzpah. Philosophically embellishing the subtext of fighting the clock while continuing to astound and surprise, Iris Apfel — in a sequence in which she is stacking so much jewelry shoulder to wrists that not a smidgen of skin can be seen — dishes a geyser of advice and credits her sense of style to her mother who “worshipped at the altar of accessories.”